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Are you ready to start a new business?

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Starting and running a business requires a lot of work and a huge time commitment.

Is self-employment the right choice for you?

  • Do you have the right skills?
    No matter how experienced we are, we should always be learning and growing in business.  IPS Business Advisory offers free workshops to upskill your business skills.
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your lifestyle?
    Starting a business is a bit like having a baby. You must be prepared to work long hours and weekends. Your free time will at least in the early years, disappear as it does with kids.
  • Do you have tough skin?
    You will have ups and downs in business and make a lot of mistakes along the way. It’s how you react to headwinds that make or break a small business.
  • Forget regular income.
    Ensure you have enough savings to live on while you establish your business. You will not have regular income in the first few years.
  • Be prepared to fail!
    3 out of every 4 Australian start-ups fail.  
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