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Automate your savings

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Putting your personal finance on autopilot can help you achieve your long and short-term financial goals.

Implementation and cost

  • Set up auto deposits into your savings or investment account with your financial institution.
    Benefit – This ensures you meet your savings goals every week by prioritising savings over expenses.
  • Set up automatic weekly or bi-weekly credit card repayments.
    Benefit – This can help you pay back your debts, keep you out of debt and prevent late fees.
  • Set up direct debit payment methods with your regular services and utilities.
    Benefit – Ensures you pay your bills on time and reducing the risk of bad credit ratings. Reduces debt risk.
  • Set up auto mortgage payments at a higher rate than your minimum repayment amount.
    Benefit – Pay off your mortgage sooner and pay less interest over the lifetime of your loan. Reduces the risk of mortgage payment defaults.
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