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Body Language Secrets

Body language is the non spoken word of communication.  It is subtle in its form, but it can be recognised and understood by another within a split second.  If this is an area that you maybe having trouble with, you are not alone.  Following are a few tips on how this can be done with great benefit to your self and the spirit within.

Thoughts create feelings, and feelings create our moods.  If one’s thoughts are more negative than positive, your mood is likely to be more depressed and you are likely to be less energy efficient as a being.  Positive thoughts on the other hand would make you more spritely, positive and energy efficient.  We can use positive thoughts consciously by being aware of our thoughts as frequently as possible during the day, and with that awareness plant more positive thoughts into ourselves.  “Planting more positive thoughts to counter the negative would have an effect of positivity (Byrne, Rhonda. 2006)”.  This is actually self hypnosis.  But I would say best not to get hung up on having positive thoughts all the time, but use it as a lesson to better your energy field which in turn would do the former anyway.

The problem with thoughts is we don’t always have control of what’s going on with them.  What ends up being our thoughts are actually the energy field in our frequency attracting or combining with a similar energy field outside of us which in turn results in attracting positive or negative thoughts, which in turn we feel to be “our thoughts”. 

Practice insight and breathe meditation.  This is not an instant solution but something that needs a bit of work.  This would help you be aware of the moment you are in, and your thoughts, which actually is the big culprit here.  As long as you just watch them and not engage in them they will pass through, in their own time, in their own way.  this way we can practice and learn to let thoughts be as they want to be and just get on with the business of living.  What meditation practice can do is slow your thoughts and in turn your movements.  It will teach you to be aware, but not engage.  This is the way of the warrior.  Managing the actual war within, not outside of us.

To those who want a quick fix to have positive body language, it is very simple.  Just change your posture. Consciously keep your back and spine straight, head held high which in turn would change your body language to a more positive and energy efficient one.  This slight change would also gives you instant self confidence.

Your spine is central to everything you do; it is your connection with prana, or life force.  Having your spine erect not only helps with posture and positive body language, it also helps with the positive flow and optimum use of energy.  One way of having your back straight is practicing it consciously at all times.  If you’re a practitioner of yoga this would come quite naturally to you.

Listening to music such as classical and jazz music when possible.  We are beings of energy and operate on energy frequencies.  The power of humans are much complex and stronger than we think, within each, the power for a much higher purpose. Things like yoga and meditation as well as chanting, singing and listening to music has an immediate effect on your energy.  Humming on your way to work would also have a similar effect as chanting would and in turn create a positive energy field.

Sitting straight when working helps you feel more energetic due to the easy flow pranic (life) energy through your body.  There’s more Clarity in thought as well as it helps you function at your optimum level with a lower consumption of energy.  This in turn reduces any anxiety you may have and help the flow of positive energy.  When the flow is easy you are more at ease, more relaxed, healthy.

Reducing the amount of movements you make and being aware of those movements also has a very positive effect on your psyche as well as your actions.  This in turn changes the way you project your self to others.  Being aware is actually insight meditation.  This is where you’re consciously aware of every movement you make.  Again practice as with anything, is always the key.

As a final note, though as important as everything else, surround your self with people of a higher energy frequency.  The energy of such people will influence your own energy and make the journey towards energy flow much easier. The point here is not to be a taker of energy but raise your own energy so you are at par with theirs, when this happens your energy would sync with the energy of such people easily. 

As a final note, remember that everything is a journey, the good, the bad and the ugly, enjoy all as none are really permanent states.

By Nishan Senaratne from Success Tax Professionals Kewdale

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