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Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is defined as ‘the number of clients, or percentage of total clients, whose reported experience with a business, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals’. Over 71% of business owners and managers believe a customer satisfaction metric is very useful in managing and monitoring their business.

It is seen as a key performance indicator and as client satisfaction is a key differentiator it is also a key element of business strategy.

Consistency is achieved by doing the same thing in the same way so it produces exactly the same result each and every time you do it. Practice owners need to clearly identify the elements that make up consistency in their practice. The only way to get consistency and to achieve the results you want is to develop procedures that will give you consistent results.

Consistency creates the reputation that your practice will be built on, and without consistency you will constantly be learning from mistakes that you can’t afford to make and clients will leave you without giving you any indication as to why.

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