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Enabling two-factor authentication for my accounting practice data


Is my data safe? No matter who hosts your data, if it’s online, it can be hacked unfortunately. Your data is arguably safer with larger tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft because they offer best-practice security measures but even they can and do get hacked. They are targets for hackers because they are so well known.

It is important to perform regular data security audits with your hosting company such as Google Security Checkup. Ensure you are taking advantage of the security measures they offer and that your recovery details are up to date.

One of the best current security measures to prevent account hacking until new authentication standards replace passwords (whilst not foolproof), is two-factor authentication (2FA). Used alongside other best practice security measures, two-factor authentication will give your data the best chance of staying yours.

Two-factor authentication uses two different methods to acquire access to a website or account. Commonly this involves a username and password as well as a text message to your verified phone number. Learn how to enable two-factor authentication here for your particular host.

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