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Five Strategies for Effective Client Communication

Effective client communication will retain more customers than any other method. Here are five strategies that will help you communicate effectively with your clients.

  1. Be human – Establish a ‘human’ connection. Clients want to deal with a ‘real’ person, not a plastic fake.
  2. Personalise your communication styles to the client – For example, we should communicate and use different language with seniors versus teenagers.
  3. Use different communication channels for different clients – Facebook may be the ideal communication channel for teenagers, but less so for 80-year old retirees (who normally prefer mail).
  4. Prioritise quality over quantity – Personalised, useful, value-adding client communication should be the focus. Clients don’t appreciate a daily spam email trying to sell them stuff.
  5. Be prompt and reliable – Get back to clients quickly, and do what you said you were going to do.