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Is my business green and why should I care?

Sustainable businesses or green businesses have minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy while maintaining a profit. In general, a business is described as green if they incorporate principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions and are greener than traditional competition.

The benefits of becoming a green business include:

  • More sales – a Nielsen study of consumer attitudes across 60 countries found that 55% of consumers worldwide would pay a premium for products offered by eco-friendly and socially responsible companies.
  • Cost savings – efficiency saves money.
  • Improved employee morale and commitment – by demonstrating a commitment to a healthy world environment, companies prove they care about their employees’ world as well.
  • You can live your values.

Businesses can implement a wide range of green initiatives including:

  1. ‘Going paperless’ or sending electronic correspondence.
  2. Refurbishing used products and recyclable packaging.
  3. Installing their own solar panels to produce their own renewable energy.
  4. Changing light bulbs to LED lighting (which uses less electricity and lasts five times longer).
  5. Revising production processes in order to eliminate waste.
  6. Choosing nontoxic raw materials and processes.
  7. Doing business with green vendors.
  8. Buying energy efficient equipment.
  9. Changing to a 4-day work week and allowing some employees to work from home (this reduces employee transport costs which saves energy)
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