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Maximise workspace utilisation

Maximising space utilisation involves reducing workspace inefficiencies to reduce rental expenses without negatively impacting employees.

Typical strategies to maximise space utilisation include:

  • Reducing the square metre of space allocated to each employee – need to ensure this doesn’t damage employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Introduce desk sharing – due to offsite meetings, holidays, travel, and employees working from home, the average desk is only utilised 40% of the time.
  • Eliminate boardrooms – the average boardroom is only utilised for a couple of hours per week.
  • Changing the workspace design to make it more efficient and effective.
  • Subleasing or assigning under utilised space.

Implementation process:

  • Ask employees questions on what spaces they use at work, how often they use those spaces, what spaces they like, and what spaces helps them work efficiently?
  • Understand desk utilisation – measure how often, and for how long, each desk is used in the average week.
  • Review the utilisation of boardrooms and shared spaces.
  • Consider that the mobile workforce needs less space than the historical office bound workers.
  • Sublease or assign under utilised space.
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