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Remember Twisted Tax Tales?

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Do you remember our Twisted Tax Tales short story competition? You can still read over 150 crazy Twisted Tax Tales stories right here.

So if you’re bored, need a break, love to read, or just need a twisted adventure, get reading!

Whoever said accounting was boring? Here is a sneak preview:

Arthur felt a slow mounting horror building inside him. Host. Parasite. Feed. The words bounced around in his head. For one second he thought perhaps it was all a dream, a terrible, terrible dream, but the pain in his back told him this was real.

“As the children have aged their appetites have increased. It’s taken a toll on you my dear.” She sighed, “an unfortunate toll, but a necessary one.” She looked at him now. His wife, so beautiful, so perfect. A monster.

The Provider by Anne Wilkins from New Zealand.