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Selling Existing Services to Existing Clients

For a practice wanting to achieve organic growth this strategy is best described as ‘low hanging fruit’. It is simply about ensuring that every practice client is offered and understands each service the practice provides and how those services could benefit them. Client surveys have shown that over 80% of clients don’t know what services their accountant can provide (apart from the services they are currently using).

The first step to providing more existing services to existing clients is to identifying which services each client currently uses.  This is normally done in an excel worksheet with the existing services across the top, and the existing clients down the side. The second step is for each client to then mark on the worksheet what services they are utilising. The third step is marking what additional services each client would benefit from. The fourth step is determining an appropriate marketing plan for these clients. And finally, the fifth and most important step is implementing the plan.

This is an easy sell and has a very high take up rate with clients if the practice ensures two things. Firstly, that the additional services add a lot of value to the client and secondly, it is very clear to the client what that value is. Just as when you are at McDonalds and they offer you fries with the burger, it is an easy sell that has a high success rate as it makes sense (burger and fries).