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Success secrets from our top 10 growth practices

The average growth rate for our top 10 tax practices for 2019/20 was 45%. What were their secrets to success?

“Franchisor support can make a big difference,” says Unni Ashok from Success Tax Professionals Nundah.

Franchisor support that includes:

  • Technical support – asking for and receiving second opinions and quick responses to questions from you franchisor gives you the tools and confidence to provide complex advice and services to your clients such as tax planning.
  • Marketing support – Quick responses with knowledge on what works, what doesn’t work, and what you can and cannot do including compliance updates.

For the above to work, a franchisee must be willing to provide high-end value-added services for clients.

Unni found the following points integral to his success:

  • Being part of networking groups.
  • Continuously developing oneself – have to learn the art of marketing and communication.
  • Not waiting for something to happen – make it happen!

Mark Vernal from Success Tax Professionals Rockingham believes “continuous improvement” is key!

Mark shared the following secrets to his success:

  • Having your personal life in order.
  • Having a partner that is also a bookkeeper (A relationship with a good bookkeeper is valuable).
  • Getting clients to leave google reviews attracts a lot of new clients.
  • Being firm with clients, especially new clients and be prepared to let them walk.
  • Don’t turn a potentially good client into a bad client at the first meeting.