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Supercharge productivity with employee surveys!

Employee surveys are used by businesses to gain feedback and measure employee engagement, workplace culture, commitment, employee morale, and performance. Conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys has the following benefits:

  • Increases productivity as giving employees the ability to voice their concerns, and more importantly, acting quickly on those concerns can have huge beneficial effects on employee motivation and dedication.
  • Access to employee ideas on how to improve the business and make it more profitable.
  • Improves employee retention as everyone wants a voice, to be heard, and to feel important.
  • Conducting anonymous surveys allows management to find out how employees really feel about their positions, upper management and the company as a whole.

How to introduce surveys to your business:

  1. Prepare for action – Determine the survey objective, create buy-in and set goals.
  2. Design the survey – Determine the survey length, format and distribution method.
  3. Define the questions – Which should relate to the survey objective and goals.
  4. Promote the survey – Employees need to know the survey is anonymous and the objectives of the survey (what management is trying to achieve).
  5. Launch the survey – Online or smart phone.
  6. Analyse results – Look for themes and connections, focus on low score areas which are highly important to employees, and rank questions from most to least positive.
  7. Report results – Share results with everyone within 30 days.
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