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Supercharge your tax accounting practice on Google Maps

6 easy steps to supercharge your tax accounting practice on Google maps;

  1. Add your practice to Google My Business.
    • Visit Google My Business. Sign in or create an account. Add your business name and address.
      Add your business

      • If your business already exists on Google maps, you can claim the business.
      • If not, you can follow Google’s easy steps to add your business.
        test business
        Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to validate your address. It is important to verify your business to fully display your listing on Google.
        postcard Google my business
  2. Once added, navigate to the info section from the left side menu.
    Info Google my Business
    Add multiple categories that apply to your practice, e.g. accountant, tax advisor. These categories are indexable by Google and will help your practice show up in Google search results.
    Google My Business category
  3. Add your business hours.
    Google My Business hours
  4. Add photos. You can add your logo, team photos and office photos. Adding photos will increase the chance of potential clients contacting your practice.
    Google My Business photos
  5. Add a business short name. This will give you a short link that you can provide to your clients for easy reviews. Google reviews make a big difference in choosing your practice over your competition. Do not fake these reviews, allow your clients to make up their mind.
    Google My Business short name
  6. Add a business description. Tell your potential clients who you are, what services your offer, and why they should hire you. What separates you from every other accounting practice?
    Description Google My Business
  7. Turn on Google Messaging. Turn on messaging and install the Google My Business app on your phone. This will allow potential and existing clients to message you directly from Google search results potentially increasing client and fee growth.
    Google My Business messaging
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