Blog    Ten Deductions Employees Should Never Have Claimed

Ten Deductions Employees Should Never Have Claimed

  1. Adult industry workers claiming breast implants.
  2. Employees claiming cigarettes for stress relief at work.
  3. Driving instructors claiming speeding and parking fines.
  4. Prescription glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids.
  5. Cost of business lunches and social functions (even if discussing business matters).
  6. Actors, dancers and entertainers giving gifts such as flowers or alcohol to fellow performers, producers or directors (as it is a private expense).
  7. Adult industry workers claiming every day clothes including shoes, dresses, skirts and blouses.
  8. Defense force members claiming haircuts, grooming and weight loss programs or supplies (even though ADF has specific regulations on weight and grooming).
  9. Factory workers claiming iPods and digital media subscriptions to listen to music at work.
  10. FIFO workers claiming taxi travel to and from the airport.