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The perfect time to start a business is right now!

The best time to begin a new business venture in Australia is right now! Starting a business is never easy. A whopping 90% of new businesses in Australia fail within the first 5 years.

We put off starting a new business because we:

  • Are afraid of change,
  • Are risk-adverse,
  • Are afraid of the unknown,
  • Crave security.

You might think that with the current pandemic, recession, and job losses; now is the worst time to start a business. The opposite is true.

Now is a great time to begin a new business because:

  • It is unfortunate that so many businesses are struggling and closing but it’s also an opportunity for new business as there is less competition in the market.
  • Unlike established businesses, we can assess the current market conditions for new opportunities and entries to market that were not available pre-pandemic.
  • The government is offering huge tax concessions to business.
  • There is an excess of highly skilled labour available with recent job losses.
  • Labour is very reasonably priced in comparison to pre-pandemic as employees are willing to take a pay cut given the current conditions.
  • There is no better way to support the Australian economy, create jobs and get the country out of recession than to start a business.
  • New businesses are typically innovators. The Australian economy needs innovation and the creation of new industries for future growth.
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