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9 Unusual Work Deductions

  1. Adult industry workers can claim costumes, lingerie, fetish equipment, and adult novelties – if used solely for income earning purposes.
  2. Bar staff can claim a deduction for the cost of making up cash or bar shortages.
  3. Security guards can claim a deduction for food, veterinary expenses and registration costs of their guard dog.
  4. Performing artists can claim a deduction for theatre and films that that they see for research or work purposes.
  5. Police officers can claim for bulletproof jackets, vests, body armour and guns.
  6. Authors and editors can claim travel expenses incurred for research related travel or short writing trips.
  7. Chefs can claim a deduction for eating out at restaurants for research and work purposes.
  8. Employees who work outside can claim their makeup costs where the makeup includes a sun protection component.
  9. Police officers can claim payments made to informants including cash, food, and cigarettes (provided that the payments are authorised by the police service and not reimbursed.