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Upskill while employed


Don’t wait until your out of work to upskill. Speak to your current employer about paying for you to upskill right now.

Benefits of upskilling while employed:

  • Employers want to upskill their workforce and might pay for you to upskill.
  • Initiating the process allows you to choose the skills that you want to learn or improve.
  • You will increase your employability should you lose your current position.
  • Your current employee will be more likely to give you a promotion or raise with an improved skill set.

Implementation and cost

  • Find a TAFE, or university, industry, or online course that will remove roadblocks to promotion in your current employment and make you more competitive in an evolving marketplace.
  • Pitch the idea to your employer, demonstrating how it will make you a better asset within the organisation.
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