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What I Want from My Tax Accountant as a Small Business Owner

I run a digital marketing business, Pixelpi. As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on accounting. In fact, my time literally equals money. It’s a double edged sword. The more time I spend on accounting, the less billable hours I can do. The less time I spend on accounting, the more money I lose through lapse accounting knowledge and application.

It is therefore essential that I can trust and rely on my accountant to get the most out of my tax return whilst complying with current standards. I can’t keep up with changes to accounting legislation because my time is focused on my business.

In addition, it is crucial that my accountant takes tax planning initiatives and provides my business with advice throughout the financial year, not just at tax time.

I want my accountant to:

  • Ensure I claim all that I can by asking the right questions
  • Ensure compliance
  • Be proactive and take initiative, don’t just work with what you are given
  • You know the types of income and expenses that arise in my industry, if something seems to be missing, ask me about it
  • Explain to me what you are claiming and why
  • Give me advice on what to do better for the next financial year
  • Offer full BAS reviews four times a year
  • Be available on the phone and via email for support during a working week.


Roydon Snelgar PixelpiRoydon Snelgar

Digital Director at Pixelpi