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   Blog    7 Unusual United States Tax Deductions

7 Unusual United States Tax Deductions

The United States tax code allows for many unusual but legitimate tax deductions and tax credits. Here are our top 7:

  • Clarinet Lessons: A parent was able to deduct the expenses for clarinet lessons for her child because she claimed it corrected her child’s overbite.
  • Babysitter Expenses: You can pay somebody to look after your child while you work for no pay for a charity.
  • Cat Food: A stock feed merchant bought cat food to attract local stray cats in order to drive away mice and rats.
  • Sex-Change Operation: A man who was diagnosed with gender-identity disorder (a woman trapped in a male body) deducted $14,500 in out-of-pocket medical expenses for hormone therapy and sexual-reassignment surgeries in order to become a woman.
  • Body Oil: A bodybuilder claiming body oil that he used in competitions.
  • Dead Deer: In South Carolina, one can get a $50 deduction if they donate a dead deer to the poor.
  • Hawaii gives a $3,000 tax deduction to those who grow state-approved trees.