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Fastest growing Australian companies for 2020-21


In order of growth acceleration, the top 10 of the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 (fastest growing companies in Australia judged by their compound annual growth over 3 years and a turnover greater than $500,000) are listed below.

  1. Grow Finance (549%)
  2. Tesserent (258%)
  3. Tangerine Telecom (252%)
  4. Top Shelf International Holdings (198%)
  5. Deliciou (193%)
  6. Box of Books (170%)
  7. Open (170%)
  8. LVLY ( 170%)
  9. InDebted (156%)
  10. SelfWealth (156%)

Of the Fastest 100, the top 5 revenues for FY21 were:

  1. Redbubble Group ($553m)
  2. Butn (207m)
  3. Spirit Technology ($105m)
  4. EHPlabs ($89m)
  5. Culture Amp ($89m)

The bigger a company gets, the harder it becomes to accelerate growth. Redbubble Group had a compound annual growth rate of 46.7% for FY19-21. An impressive jump of 296 million in revenue.

The global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork that was founded in Melbourne in 2006 has a current share price of $3.46, down from a high in January 2021 of $7.04.

The eCommerce company is currently valued at 40x net profit and 23x operating cash. Their net profit has gone from a 27.7 million loss in 2019 to 31.2 million net profit in 2021 and yet their share price has halved in value since January.

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