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77% Fees Growth in 2018

The 4 fastest growing Success Tax Professionals practices for 2018 achieved an average 77% fees growth. The top 4 practices based on fee increases belong to:

  1. Chris Black (Labrador, QLD): 109% increase
  2. Danny Dinkha (Wetherill Park and Mount Druitt, NSW): 94% increase.
  3. Andy Asiandi (Payneham, SA): 56% increase
  4. Nick Rieper (Alice Springs, NT): 49% increase

Below the principals share their philosophy and approach to business and the activities that they find most beneficial for generating fees.

Chris Black:

  1. Plan for success and focus on your core target market.
  2. Concentrate on your referral networks.
  3. A superior client experience will lead to referral growth.

Andy Asiandi:

  1. Great location with great signage, not too overwhelming (heavy laden signage looks desperate).
  2. Google Business exposure.
  3. Word of mouth and strong referral from your existing clients.
  4. Always ask for review feedback for ‘Google Reviews’ from your existing and new clients.
  5. Networking with other professionals (I have great clients from my Bookkeepers, Financial Planners and Mortgage Broker referral base).
  6. Last but not least always reach out to your clients whether they need anything else throughout the year, i.e. super, restructuring, payroll or DASP.

Nick Rieper:

  1. In meeting with clients, all too often we commence with a price, without first having sold the service.
  2. This time of year (July), we are busy crunching ‘I’ returns however it is essential that we maintain the focus on business clients and how to get more onboard.
  3. Business clients want service because that is why they are moving from the existing accountant. Never sell on price.
  4. At the end of the day all you have in business is your reputation. Protect and nurture it. Be that practice that’s a bit expensive but highly proactive and results oriented – it’s a great feeling to stand apart from your competitors.
  5. Get out there and be seen. Buy things from local business and NEVER leave without telling them who you are and what you do. Always keep business cards on you and hand them out freely.
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