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Nine Predictors of a Bad Employee

Good employees are the backbone of any business and are a critical factor in a business’s long term success. As such, these employees need to be trained, stimulated, mentored, developed, and rewarded for their contributions.

In contrast, bad employees will damage a business’s culture, profits, business value, and in extreme cases result in a business failing. The objective when recruiting staff is to distinguish the good from the bad.

The nine predictors of a bad employee are:

  • They do not get on with people.
  • They have low energy levels, are unfit, and unhealthy.
  • They have a negative attitude to life.
  • They are disorganized.
  • They have unrealistic expectations of the job including the work involved, pay and conditions.
  • They do not understand how businesses work and the necessity for the owners to make a profit.
  • They have difficulty with change.
  • They have difficulty with learning new things.
  • They have no initiative.

We cannot predict with a 100% success whether a potential employee will turn out as a good employee or not. But it is guaranteed that if you recruit a potential employee with too many of the nine predictors you will encounter staff related problems that will negatively impact on the profitability, culture and smooth operation of the business.