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Top 5 ways professional services can support clients during a lock-down

Communicating with clients is crucial for businesses to survive a lock-down. Your staff may be temporarily or permanently working from home. Here are 5 top ways for professional service businesses to stay connected to clients during and following a lock-down.

  1. The phone – Whilst it may not be practical to contact all clients by phone, it is the top method of client communication. Ask each staff member to contact their 10 most important clients by phone. Let them know how your business has changed and how you can take care of their needs moving forward with non-contact methods.
  2. Email – Send your clients a direct personal email detailing your new non-contact service options. It’s the perfect excuse to stay in touch and support your clients.
  3. Online appointment – If you need a face to face with your clients, schedule an online video meeting. Send your clients a calendar invite and a link that makes it easy for them to join at an agreed time. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Setmore Teleport all make it very easy to have video meetings with clients.
  4. MessagingMessaging in the Google My Business app, Facebook Messenger, Google hangouts, WhatsApp and texting can all be helpful ways to stay connected to clients during a lock-down.
  5. News and social media – Keep your website, news posts and social media posts updated with any changes to your service offerings during and after the lock-down.
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