• client retention
    Maximising client retention
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    To maximise client retention, you should do five things.
  • client satisfaction
    Five Factors Affecting Client Retention
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    The five factors affecting client retention are client satisfaction, client deli...
  • client retention
    Client retention
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    Client retention is about exceeding the client’s expectations so that they becom...
  • the trouble with debt
    The Trouble With Debt
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    The three ways accountants can get in trouble with debt financing their practice...
  • compliance tax agent
    Funding Established & Expanding Practices
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    Established practices have less funding needs than new practices as they are wel...
  • Practice investment
    Funding New Accounting Practices
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    Accounting practices, like all businesses, require funding to start, operate, an...
  • Money back gaurantee
    Service Guarantee
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    The benefits of your practice providing a service guarantee to clients are as fo...
  • new services
    Introducing New Services to Existing Clients
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    This strategy is about creating new services that you can provide to your existi...
  • low hanging fruit
    Selling Existing Services to Existing Clients
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    The first step to providing more existing services to existing clients is to ide...
  • good office
    The Effect of a Good Office on Productivity
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    Productivity studies show that the most significant factor in determining an emp...
  • accounting software tools
    Value Adding Software Tools
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    Value adding software tools include modules on budgeting, scenario planning, bus...
  • Tax accountant software tools
    Software Tools for Accountants
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    New software programmes and apps are being released daily that promise to revolu...
  • strategic pricing
    Strategic pricing
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    A good pricing strategy is one which is a good balance between the price floor a...
  • outsourcing compliance
    Outsourcing Compliance Services
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    Approximately 4% of accounting practices outsource overseas at least part of the...
  • Benchmarking
    Benchmarking Accounting Practices
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    Benchmarking involves comparing your accounting practice processes and performan...
  • KPI
    Accounting Practices KPI’s
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    An accounting practice’s key performance indicators (KPIs) are the set of quanti...
  • Managing Debtors
    Managing the Practices Debtors
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    The objective of debtor management is to minimise the time between issuing an in...
  • Working Capital Management
    Working Capital Management
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    Working capital management involves ensuring a practice has positive working cap...
  • Practice Sin 7 - Poor Time Management
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    Principals often spend too much time on activities that have no value. The Paret...
  • Delegation
    Practice Sin 6 - Dreadful delegation
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    Delegation is one of the practice principal’s most important management skills a...
  • Confusing activity with productivity
    Practice Sin 5 – Confusing Activity with Productivity
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    Accountants can fall into the trap of constantly trying to satisfy their client ...
  • Failure to change
    Practice Sin 4 – Failing to Change  
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    As the business environment changes, practice owners must change. To not do so i...
  • accounting hobby
    Practice Sin 3 – Operating the Practice Like a Hobby or Vocation, not a Business
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    Without the discipline and focus on managing the business for maximum profit, st...
  • Training and development
    Practice Sin 2 – Underinvesting in Personal Professional Development & Training
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    The professional development underinvestment occurs in the areas that are most i...
  • scott morrison
    Abolition of Tax Deductions in the 2017 Federal Budget?
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    The Federal Government is once again looking at the abolition of work related ta...
  • Sturgeon's 90 percent
    Sturgeon’s Law - 90% of Accountants
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    If we believe Sturgeon’s Law is true, then it goes without saying that 90% of ac...
  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon’s 10% of Practices
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    If a Purple Cow practice is not achievable, then being part of Sturgeon’s 10% of...
  • practice investment
    Practice Sin 1 – Failing to Reinvest in the Practice
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    The number 1 sin for an accounting practice is failing to reinvest in the practi...
  • strategic planning
    Importance of Strategic Planning
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    A business strategic plan details the methods by which a business sets out to ac...
  • buying an investment properrty
    Tax Considerations with Investing in Property
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    Buyers get a building inspection and a pest inspection report prior to buying th...
  • SMSF options
    SMSF Advice Options
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    At June 2015 the ATO advised that there were 556,998 self-managed super funds in...
  • focus strategies for accountants
    Focus Strategies for the Accounting Industry
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    Two focus strategies for the accounting industry include narrow service line and...
  • stuck in the middle
    Accounting Practices Stuck in the Middle
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    The worst strategic error is to be stuck in the middle, or to try simultaneously...
  • purple cow in field
    A Purple Cow Practice
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    To make a Purple Cow practice is extremely difficult and probably only one in a ...
  • cost leadership accounting
    The Cost Leadership Model is not Profitable
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    The cost leadership model is not a profitable for accounting practices as practi...
  • uber differentiation
    Differentiating Your Accounting Practice
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    Differentiation is the process of distinguishing a product or service from other...
  • Aldi
    Cost Leadership Strategy
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    An overall cost leadership strategy involves providing products or services at a...
  • Financial planning
    Cons with Establishing a Financial Planning Division
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    The problems practices encounter once they have established their own financial ...
  • Strategies value added
    Strategies for Providing Value Added Services
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    Value adding services are an opportunity for accountants to make their work more...
  • financial planning added value
    Pros of Establishing a Financial Planning Division
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    The removal of the accountants’ exemption on the 1st July 2016 in relation to SM...
  • Morgage broker
    Pros and Cons of Establishing a Finance Broking Division
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    The pros and cons of practices providing finance broking services are similiar t...
  • Dwight Eisenhower
    Time Management
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    Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious contr...
  • business structure
    How Should I Structure My New Business
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    When clients come in to see me about starting a new business they have many diff...
  • Defining Value Added Services
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    Value added services are a large category of services which meet one test – they...
  • Growth
    Growth Pathways for Compliance Based Practices
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    Draw a line in the sand and commit to having 10% of the practice’s annual revenu...
  • Body language
    Body Language Secrets
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    Body language is the non spoken word of communication.
  • Value added services
    Attractions of Providing Value Added Services
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    Value added services are attractive to accounting practice principals.
  • travel expenses magician
    The Science of Substantiation
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    I am often asked by clients to perform financial miracles with their expense ded...
  • the importance of marketing
    The Importance of Marketing for Businesses
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    Marketing is of vital importance to any business.
  • negative gearing thumbnail
    Benefits of Negative Gearing
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    All good investment decisions need to factor in the applicable tax consequences ...
  • accounting tips
    3 Tips for Accountants in 2017
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    3 tips that will help make you a better accountant in 2017.
  • luca_pacioli the father of accounting
    Luca Pacioli the ‘Father of Accounting’
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    Luca Pacioli was the first person to publish detailed material on the double-ent...
  • digital disruption thumbnail
    Digital Disruption in Compliance Practices
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    Technology and digital disruption affecting many industries is starting to impac...
  • checklists
    Checklists Save Lives and Money
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    A checklist will eliminate errors, enhance the efficacy of the task and de-risk ...
  • mygov thumbnail
    70% of myGov Users Are Making Mistakes
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    Many individuals do not have the necessary knowledge to prepare their tax return...
  • uber thumbnail
    Uber: A Threat and a Lucrative Opportunity
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    Uber can be a tremendous opportunity, with the benefits of it derived by those w...
  • religious organisations thumbnail
    Religious Organisations and Tax
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    Though most organisations pay tax on their taxable income, religious institution...
  • strategy thumbnail
    70% of Accounting Practices Have No Strategy
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    According to Michael Porter the worst strategic error is to be stuck in the midd...
  • business opportunity
    Identifying Business Opportunities
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    Operating a small business is one of the most rewarding yet challenging experien...
  • accounting-industry performance thumbnail
    Accounting Industry Performance 2015/2016
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    For 2015/16 the total Australian accounting industry revenue only grew 3.2% or $...
  • shunning accountants thumbnail
    Under-35s Are Shunning Accountants
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    A recent survey has shown that for under 35’s – 50% prepare their tax return the...
  • Australian accounting industry
    State of the Australian Accounting Profession
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    Survey results of key performance indicators in Australian accounting firms over...
  • Client Reviews
    Client Reviews Are Essential to a Successful Marketing Strategy
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    Client reviews affect the trust your customers have for your brand, as well as t...
  • 6 hour work week
    The Benefits of a Six Hour Work Day
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    In 1817 Robert Owen formulated the goal of the eight-hour day and coined the slo...
  • Sharpen the saw
    Sharpen The Saw
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    Sharpen the Saw is Habit no 7 from Steven Covey’s best-selling book, The Seven H...
  • Business Advisory Day
    Business Lessons Learned at the Business Advisory Day 2016
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    Most small business owners do not know accountants offer something beyond the ta...
  • right office accountant
    A Good Office is an Accountant's Best Investment
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    Good offices have the following five characteristics: Easily to find Clie...
  • small business
    What I Want from My Tax Accountant as a Small Business Owner
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    I run a digital marketing business, Pixelpi. As a small business owner, I don’t ...
  • Commoditisation of accounting services
    Commoditisation of Professional Services
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    The effects of digital disruption are seen and felt everywhere and have indeed, ...
  • salary sacrifice
    Salary Sacrifice, Super and Tax
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    If you are in a high tax bracket this option could be an attractive option to bo...
  • Consulting an accountant
    The Importance of Consulting an Accountant before Buying a Business
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    I believe that if you don’t consult an accountant before starting or buying a bu...
  • wooly mammoth
    Four Ways Accountants Are Destroying Their Practices
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    Accountants, like all business owners, can become complacent and run down and de...
  • Kongo Gumi
    Corporate Immortality
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    As corporate immortality is impossible, instead companies need to focus on five ...
  • line in sand
    Five Strategies to Grow a Compliance Practice
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    Compliance based accounting practices that want to grow their practice revenue a...
  • digital disruption compliance
    Digital Disruption Affecting Compliance Accounting
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    Unfortunately for compliance based practices, the technology and digital disrupt...
  • compliance tax agent
    Why Have Compliance Services Been So Profitable?
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    Compliance services have traditionally, and currently still, account for between...
  • Cloud accounting
    Why Every Accountant Should Be Using Cloud Accounting
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    Every accounting practice should be using cloud accounting for their practice fo...
  • Australian Resident
    Tax Implications of Australian Tax Resident vs Foreign Resident
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    Regardless of which visa you may have entered Australia; whether temporary or pe...
  • business success
    7 Predictors of Business Success
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    On average, 44 small businesses are closing their doors each day according to th...
  • bad employee
    Nine Predictors of a Bad Employee
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    Good employees are the backbone of any business and are a critical factor in a b...
  • Warren Zevon
    Lawyers, Guns and Money
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    “I was gambling in Havana I took a little risk. Send lawyers, guns and money. Da...
  • Pareto Principle
    Can Your Business Benefit from the Pareto Principle
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    The Pareto Principle (also known as the 80–20 rule) states that, for many events...
  • director penalty regime
    What Directors Need to Know about the Director Penalty Regime
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    New directors of a company need to be aware that under the director penalty regi...
  • accountant graduate
    Is Your Business Accountant Still Working as a Graduate
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    Too many experienced accountants are still working like graduates.
  • code of professional conduct
    The Code of Professional Conduct (Code)
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    The Code of Professional Conduct (Code) regulates the personal and professional ...
  • Business Lessons from United Nations
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    Three lessons from the United Nations that can be adapted and applied to busines...
  • accountants bankrupt
    Accountants in Bankruptcy
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    Accountants have the same business failure rates as small businesses in general.
  • bern switzerland
    Taxing Like the Swiss - Lessons for Australia
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    Here are two lessons Switzerland can teach Australia about taxing.
  • Tasmania Tax
    Tax Havens – Turning Tasmania into Another Zug
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    Tasmania could reinvent itself into Zug by introducing a flat company tax rate o...
  • Accountant questions
    Five Questions to Ask Your Accountant
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    Do not accept that your accountant is acting in your best interest and providing...
  • Business Lessons from Paris
    Business Lessons From Paris
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    Paris is actually a very successful big business and can teach us two business l...
  • women business skills
    Hadel Mikho | The Special Skills Women Bring to Business
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    My advice for any woman wanting to start her own accounting practice is to follo...
  • Early investor incentives
    Tax Incentives for Early Stage Investors
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    The tax incentives will encourage early stage investment in innovative start-ups...
  • Tax practisioners board
    Tax Practitioners Board Strikes Down Tax Agents
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    Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has cancelled the tax agent registration of over t...
  • Dick smith
    The Sinking of Dick Smith
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    Five possible causes of the sinking of Dick Smith.
  • Australian Dollar
    Zero to $50,000 Fees in Five Months
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    I have now broken the $50,000 fees barrier in only five months.
  • Chess strategy
    The Power of the Strategic Plan
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    Developing the strategic plan is the most critical thing a business owner can do...
  • The Death of Work Related Tax Deductions
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    From an economic efficiency or productivity point of view reducing tax rates and...
  • starting a business australia
    Lessons Learnt Starting a Business in Australia
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    I have gone from no clients to 3000 in 13 years. I have learnt these 8 lessons a...
  • gold silver standards
    Five Practice Growth Standards
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    Accounting practices, like all businesses, need to continually grow total fees e...
  • Bitcoins
    Is Bitcoin Right for Your Business
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    Should you be accepting payment of Bitcoin for your goods or services?
  • Customer Value
    What Is the True Value of a Client
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    Have you really considered the true value of a client?
  • business structure
    8 Reasons to Choose an Appropriate Business Structure
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    One of the most important choices you make when starting a new business, is the ...
  • Australian Taxation Profession
    An Overview of the Australian Tax Profession
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    The accounting and tax market in Australia is massive with over 17 billion of re...
  • client contact
    How Often Should You Stay in Touch with Your Clients?
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    All accountants should be in contact with their clients a minimum of 12 times pe...
  • business accounting services
    Tax Practice vs BAS Practice vs Bookkeeping Practice
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    Generally tax practices have much higher levels of fee income and owner profits ...
  • pathway to success
    Four Pathways to Your Own Accounting Practice
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    Essentially to own and operate your own accounting practice requires two things;...
  • purchasing clients
    Accounting Practice Acquisitions | Purchasing Clients to Speed Growth
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    It is possible to expand business rapidly if you have extra funds or can borrow/...
  • ATO Director penalty regime
    The ATO Director Penalty Regime
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    Under the ATO Director Penalty Regime, directors have a legal responsibility to ...
  • six types of accounting
    Six Types of Accounting Practices
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    The accounting and tax market in Australia is comprised of over 32,920 accountin...
  • MyTax
    MyTax | an Opportunity and Threat to the Tax Profession
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    The ATO have advised that up to the 8th September 2015 1,822,000 tax returns wer...
  • Accountants vs financial planners
    Accountants vs Financial Planners
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    Is your Most Trusted Advisor your Accountant or your Financial Planner?
  • partners
    Critical Factors That Affect a Partner's Accounting Practice Profit
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    The five most critical factors affecting a partner’s accounting practice profit....
  • Lego London Bridge
    We Built the Lego London Bridge
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    Over the weekend, we built the Lego version of the London Bridge! It was a long ...
  • Australian Accountants
    More than 75 locations across all of Australia
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    Find the closest Success Tax Professionals nearest to you.